Mac’s Local Buys bridges the gap between the local Missouri farmer’s who are expending the energy to do it right and the like minded folks that support them.  We network with a number of high quality local farmers who are raising their heritage breed animals outside, on pasture, humanely, allowing the animals to be animals and not using additional hormones or harmful chemicals.  We organize whole animal buys for large groups of people.  By sourcing  the whole animal directly from the farmer, we are able to secure the lowest possible pricing for the highest quality proteins.  At the end of the day, we take the leg work out of sourcing superior proteins for you and your family.

How it Works at Mac’s Local Buys

Let me explain.  First, we source pastured, well raised and fed, humanely treated, heritage breed proteins from local farmers.  Then we work directly with the processor and coordinate the custom cutting instructions (read:  however you like) for each animal.  Once the animals have been butchered and processed, we coordinate a pickup and delivery with everyone involved in the buy.  Myself and other volunteer drivers, members of the buy, take coolers and ice to the processor and pickup the meat.  The extraction unit then returns to the designated group pickup spot, where the rest of the folks are waiting.  Lastly, each team divides up their meat, packs it up and heads home.

Our Story

What started out as a few friends looking to source and eat better pork on the cheap has blossomed into quite an operation.  After we bought our first whole Red Wattle pig from Farrar Out Farms and divided it up in my family room, we were hooked. Not only did it taste a lot better than CAFO/store bought pork but because we dealt with the farmer and processor directly and bought the whole animal, we were able to obtain said proteins processed just like we asked AND at a very reasonable price. Win-Win!!  Not too mention some of the other great reasons people should be sourcing their proteins better:

1.  SUPPORT LOCAL — Supporting the local community.

2.  IT’S HEALTHY — Supporting farmers who don’t believe in unnecessary antibiotics, hormones, steroids, genetically modified foods or animal by products.

3.  GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT — Supporting small farms who raise animals in a way that minimizes the effect of the waste on the soil and water resources.

4.  SUPPORTING ANIMAL WELLNESS — Supporting farmers who believe in raising animals naturally, outdoors in humane conditions where they are allowed to engage in their instinctive biological behaviors.  In other words, cows graze on pastures and pigs are allowed to root, wallow and nest.

In the past 3-4 years we have purchased Red Wattles, Berkshires & Gloucester Old Spot hogs and grass fed cows (Hereford/Angus crosses) from various local farmers. Most recently, we added chicken buys to our repertoire, sourcing some pastured Cornish Crosses from a chicken farmer in Hermann, MO.  We pride ourselves in taking every last morsel we can get from the processor and making sure it finds a home. And truthfully, its those unlikely morsels that turn out to be the best tasting.   We invite you to share our belief in utilizing all parts of each animal we source.  This is paramount to building a healthy local meat supply chain – keeping waste to a minimum and maximizing the returns for the producers.

There are a couple of awesome and distinct advantages we get by sourcing whole animals directly from the farmers.  One, we get a little bit of everything – the specific way we want it and two, we get premium quality heritage breed meat for about as cheap as you can get it – outside of raising the animals yourself.

We look forward to helping you change the way you source your meat.