Since meeting Chris my family has enjoyed the many benefits of consuming meat products which have been raised using sustainable livestock farming methods. He has created a system which is fun and educational to participate in and delivers quality consistently at a very fair price. Thank you Chris!! – Andre

I had no idea what I was missing out on until I was invited to purchase a share of a red wattle hog. Wow! The pork is just so much more fresh and flavorful compared to the packaged meat from the big chain grocery I was used to. Plus, it was easy, economical, and fun. You get to meet like minded people interested in great food and supporting the local community. Once you go Mac’s, you can’t go back! – Dominic

I first met Mac when I started hanging out in the online slow food community around St. Louis. He was a great contributor and I quickly formed the impression that he was a lover of good food and especially interested in sustainably farmed meat. Mac started to form buying groups and inviting our community to participate. We first bought pigs from a local farmer who raised the kind of “happy” animals we all wanted and with Mac’s organization and follow-through, we got to choose how they were butchered and packaged. Later we bought cows, too. I could never have purchased meat this way without Mac’s assistance. Our buys were completely successful – we not only saved money through buying whole animals but we were able to purchase and eat fabulous meat of a quality normally reserved only for restaurants. Now Mac is making it official with Mac’s Local Buys and I am sure that the lucky folks who get to be his customers will come to appreciate him the way I did. I’m sorry I am no longer living in the area and I will sorely miss Mac’s assistance and facilitation of those great local buys. – Merridith

Yum – Zackary (age 2)

I have been a part of the Mac buying team since its inception in 2009. I have purchased pigs, cows and now chickens from Mac and each and every time the service, quality and price are second to none. Mac and his team make getting fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly meat to your table a very simple process. What started out as a few family members and friends has blossomed into a much larger process now. However, Mac and his team still focus on what is important and that is providing local, environmentally friendly, quality meat to their customers in a prompt, thorough and efficient manner. I buy all of the meat my household eats through Mac and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. – Sean

Participating in Mac’s Local Buys is always an enjoyable experience. Not only is it the best source in St. Louis for great tasting, healthy and local animal proteins, but I keep joining for the superb organization and the opportunity to meet like-minded eaters. – Ryan

Mac’s Local Buys is an excellent way to get your meat. I’m a huge fan for all the obvious reasons…local, pasture raised, happy animals minus all the yuck for an incredibly reasonable price. What I did not realize though, until joining the Team was how much more delicious this meat is compared to the store bought meats. Wow, what a difference! I just recently went in on my first chicken buy. I could not have been happier. Delicious! Thank you Mac for getting these great local buys together. – Tom

For the last two years, thanks to Mac’s Local Buys, the only meat I’ve bought from the super market had been chickens. But now Mac has solved the chicken problem by finding a source for local, cage free chickens. It’s great to know exactly where your food is coming from, how it was raised, and the people raising it.  Mac has done the work tracking down the small, independent, local farmers, as well as figuring out how to order, process, and arrange delivery. It’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to more in the future. – Chris