The Basics

  • We buy whole animals and break them up into shares.  Four shares (2/side) for pigs and ten shares (5/side) for cows.
  • A share of pig yields roughly 30-45 lbs of meat
  • A share of beef yields about 45-60 lbs of meat
  • A share of chicken is one whole, roughly 4 lb chicken
  • For the most part, you will get some of each type of cut.  There are exceptions of course.


  • We source and deal directly with local farmers and processors.
  • Buying the whole animal means we purchase at the cheapest possible prices.
  • We take everything we can get from the processor, like backfat, offal and bones.
  • Premium proteins.  That’s all we do.  Period.


  • We split folks into teams based on their processing preferences.
  • Meet lots of like-minded people.  More than 30 friends participate in each buy.

Custom Processing

  • Each pig/cow has 2 sets of custom instructions, one for each half.
  • Each team of shares (on a half) decide together what and how they want their meat.
  • MLB assists and informs each team along the way with questions or issues and submits the instructions to the processor.

Pickup & Delivery

  • Meat is delivered to a predetermined meet-up spot.
  • Everyone splits up the meat and heads home.